Pants Size


Selecting your waist size should be a relatively easy process. Let's get started by answering the following question:

Do I have a pair of dress pants or khakis in my closet that already fit me well?

If "YES" ...
Simply find the size label on your pants. It is usually located in the inside waistband of the pants. 

If "NO" ...
You will then have to measure your waist. Your waist is located 4 fingers below your belly button (see video below for reference). Position the tape measure horizontally at your waist and then circle it around your abdomen and entire torso. Make sure that the tape lies horizontal on all sides of your torso. Place the end of the tape measure which reads “0” at the spot on the tape where the loop circles your waist completely.

(NOTE: pull the tape measure tighter, making it comfortably snug. It should match the tightness of a pant's waistband. This measurement will likely be larger than your normal pant size. That is ok. In general, we recommend ordering your normal DRESS PANT size. However, keep in mind that jeans tend to stretch more than dress pants. For larger gentleman, your dress pants size is normally larger than your jean size that you are used to wearing.)


"Inseam" is the measurement (measured in inches) from the seam of your inner crotch down to the bottom of the trousers.

For example, when you purchase a pair of jeans or khakis, you may buy a size "34 waist / 32 inseam", "38 waist / 30 inseam", etc.  Inseam is often related to height. Here are some general guidelines:

Inseam General Guidelines*
SHORT 5'9" and shorter
REGULAR 5'9" to 6'0"
LONG 6'1" to 6'4"
X-LONG 6'4" or taller

(*NOTE: the above Inseam General Guidelines are only basic guidelines. We know people come in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes you may have a taller person with short legs and a tall torso; other times you may have a shorter person with long legs and a short torso. In cases like this, the preferred inseam for that individual will be different. The above information shoud be used just as a guide. Our recommendation is to order the inseam that you normally order when it comes to dress pants.)


Most factory new tuxedo pant styles come unhemmed/unfinished. This means that the pants are not hemmed to a specific length at the bottom. Unhemmed pants provide plenty of extra fabric for your inseam (37+ inches of fabric). Once you receive your unhemmed pants, you will want a local tailor (or friend/family member who can sew) to hem the pants to your desired length.

Although most manufacturer's tuxedo pants come unhemmed, there are a couple brands who sell their pants pre-hemmed. If you prefer your pants pre-hemmed, click here to check out these pre-hemmed pants.


When it comes to fit, you may see terms such as CLASSIC FIT, MODERN FIT or SLIM FIT.

  • CLASSIC FIT: A traditional cut, considered your fullest cut. Available waist sizes are usually 28 through 70.

  • MODERN FIT: Think of modern fit as your updated classic fit. Still a comfortable fit like a classic fit, but the legs will usually be just slightly tapered. Available waist sizes are usually 28 through 70. Today, the modern fit tends to be more popular than the classic fit.

  • SLIM FIT: The pants on a slim fit are more tapered in the legs compared to the classic fit and slim fit. Available waist sizes usually range from 28 - 38.