Colección: Suspenders

Often times, people will link the terms "suspenders" and "braces" as the same item. The easy way to distinguish the two is think of suspenders having the little clips on the ends; whereas, formal braces do not have clips and fasten to the interior buttons in the trousers. You're probably thinking, "Who cares what they are called? I just want them to hold up my pants! So are formal suspenders or formal braces considered just a functional item, or can I wear also them to show off my style? If I'm a thinner guy and I don't need them to hold up my pants, should I still consider getting them?

Formal suspenders or braces are not mandatory; you are not required to wear them. However, many gentlemen will utilize them for either functionality, style, or both. From a formal wear stylist's point of view, consider going with suspenders or braces that are relatively neutral (black tuxedo suspenders or white formal braces is always a good way to go). Have fun with your selection! More importantly, have fun showing off your new formal suspenders or braces at your next formal event