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September 06, 2020

The tuxedo is a staple in the wardrobes of many high-profile, influential people – both real and fictional – and it did not achieve such a status by accident. Being an iconic outfit worn by so many role models gives the tuxedo a reputation of its own. This reputation transfers onto the wearer – whether a famous actor or a groom on his wedding day – to give onlookers and admirers the impression that an important, influential person is in their midst. Here are the 6 most prominent factors which are magnified by wearing a tuxedo to make any wearer instantly more interesting and attractive.

Whilst at an event which requires a higher level of formal dress, the tuxedo may not draw much intrigue as most people will be aware of the reason for wearing it. However, whilst traveling to and from the venue, or even just standing outside whilst socializing, the tuxedo lets passers-by know that something interesting is happening and that the wearer is an important figure in the event. The tuxedo shows that the wearer is carrying out a task or is a prominent person at the current time – and that is guaranteed to pique their interest.

During a wedding or formal event, tuxedo wearers are usually seen as the more important and authoritative figures within the order of events – at a wedding, for example, tuxedos are worn by the groom, best man and occasionally, the ushers – this shows that they have responsibilities and have been entrusted with certain duties during the ceremony and celebrations and often highlights them as the people to talk to, should anything requiring attention happen. The tuxedo is a status piece, which will make anybody want your attention.

As a more prominent figure at an event, the tuxedo will not only make you stand out from the rest of the gathering. It will also make you a more prominent and memorable character. Whilst most first memories do not really feature the other person’s clothing as an important factor, almost everyone can think back to an event where thy have met someone for the first time whilst the other person was wearing a tuxedo. They say you never get a second chance at a first impression, but with a tuxedo raising the bar in first impressions, there’s no need for a do-over.

We’re not going to lie – wearing a tuxedo makes you feel more important and, if you’re honest with yourself, a bit like James Bond. It can be hard not to utter the well-known catchphrases or try to charm a person of interest with smooth lines and the air of mystery carried by a spy. James Bond is hardly ever seen faltering for words or failing to charm everyone around him, so use your new-found confidence to own the room! The outfit provides the confidence; it is up to you to use it to ensure that you provide a first impression that lasts.

Alongside the confidence boost which comes from wearing a tuxedo – you may find that your ability to be charming, suave and irresistibly smooth also increases. No – it’s not magic. The ability to be smooth has always been a part of your personality, but the tuxedo gives you the confidence boost to try it out with abandon. It feels like putting on a costume – although it should be taken more seriously – a feeling of potentially being anybody you want to be will always come with wearing formal attire, and it doesn’t hurt that most of the characters you associate tuxedos with just happen to be incredibly charming themselves.

A man in a tuxedo automatically becomes sexier. The tailored lines create a perfect silhouette and the air of mystery which surrounds a tuxedo only serves to add to the already polished look to turn even the most rugged of men into Prince Charming. Slimming black lines and a high-class fashion melt together perfectly to make anybody appear to be a distinguished gentleman. Even acquaintances and friends who have known you for a long period of time will see you in a new light once the tux is on.

Tuxedos add many facets to a person’s character, but it is important to remember that high-class, formal fashion only adds to the character traits you already possess. So, whilst you may be convinced that you have no confidence or charisma, the tuxedo will surprise you and draw out even the shyest of men, transforming them into confident, attractive men of distinction. On the other hand, no-one likes a show-off, so be sure to rein yourself in if you feel yourself getting too cocky or egotistical – there’s no point wasting all of the positives the tuxedo brings with a bad attitude.

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